almost winter

exposed roots
the last week or so has seen the cool weather settle in more seriously. it’s still seasonal, but the cool means wearing a jacket and my fingers get chilly when I’m out shooting. I’ve been rather sad, though, because it was a very productive summer for me artistically. I made a lot of progress, both technically and in my subject matter. but since I don’t enjoy being cold when shooting,or dealing with cold gear, and winter isn’t all that interesting to me visually, it means that I need to figure out what to work on that can be indoors.
when I did the portfolio reviews a few weeks ago, one of the main points I took away was that I should try to be more intentional about what I shoot. this won’t be easy, because I kind of enjoy the hunting aspect of wandering around and trying to make good photographs as situations unfold in the environment in which I find myself. so it will take some thought. otherwise I will only take 35 pictures of random crap around the house in January the way I did last winter.
so, I’ve signed up for an advanced photography class, for which I’ll have to develop a project. not sure what that will be yet, or what the instructor will expect, but it will likely get me into something I haven’t done yet.
today’s image is from a little trip I made with my daughter to Gibraltar Rock, a bluff that wasn’t completely razed by the glacier that stopped just a little west of it. sometimes I feel like these roots, suspended over a chasm.


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