corn stalk and clouds
the weather is changing: in more ways than the literal one. so I haven’t taken many photos this week. partly that’s because my schedule didn’t really allow it and partly due to the weather. but I have been trying to think more deeply about what I’m doing with photography. “intention” is my mantra these days. but that intention bumps up against deep-seated personality traits, and, as Shakespeare says, “that’s the rub.” sometimes it seems that if I could make that first couple of steps that I might be able to develop a rhythm, but how to do that still eludes me.
the class I signed up for started earlier in the week. the instructor is Patrick Patterson. he studied with, or worked for (I’m not entirely clear about it), Keith Carter for a significant amount of time. in doing some background reading before the class, I got to know his work a bit and find it very interesting on many levels. the background reading also led me to look again at Paul Strand, whose work was one of my inspirations 30-odd years ago when I first started dabbling seriously with photography. in both of their work, there is a strong graphic element that is important to me, as well. but with Carter, and also Robert Parke-Harrison, who I heard speak a few weeks ago, there’s a sense of serious fantasy that appeals to me, and that I’d like to explore. here, again, is that intentionality. so, the class will be centered around personal projects, and I am still trying to nail down what that might be, although I’m exploring some possibilities.
a little progress, then. pushing me out of my comfort zone. trying to make some new connections.


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