a rusty metal wall with nails
It still surprises me how productive the couple of hours I spent shooting in Reedsburg a couple of weekends ago were. I shot about 200 photographs in maybe two and a half hours and a fairly high percentage of them are reasonably successful. I’ve posted a few already on my Flickr site. I only covered about three blocks along the old railroad corridor. Many of these photographs may provide material for my various on-going projects.
It was later in the afternoon when I was out, so a theme that developed was rusty textures with various shadows either filtering the light or crossing the picture plane or some of both. This photo is a good example: strong interacting shapes, many subtle light levels, color temperature variation from warm to cool, textural details.
To me, images like this one are mainly about the aesthetics of the shapes, colors, composition. While decay is an excellent source of some of what I am looking for in creating my abstracts, the fact that this usually occurs in run-down industrial areas is also a subtext. I don’t focus too much on that explicitly because I think my eye is more attuned to details. It is, however, something that adds to the meaning of the photograph.


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