Moving ahead

For the class I took, the effort I put into it was worthwhile. It’s useful to consider your work as comprising a “body of work.” What I accomplished certainly fell into that category, I think. As I selected the pieces to show and worked on developing them in Lightroom, I had that in mind; to make them hold together in some way. In part they did that because they were all taken at the same shoot, but also in part from what I did to them in the processing.
To me, the idea of a body of work has different levels. At the largest level, of course, it refers to the entirety of what you do as an artist; the pieces you decide to extract from all those you take and to treat as standing for you artistically. At the other end of the scale are the ongoing themes that I shoot. This extends from abstracts to candids to nature, and these add up over time, needing to be edited and culled and pondered. I still feel, to some extent, that I’m too new at photography to be fully comfortable reifying certain images as who I am. Although I do increasingly think about my approach, it still feels to me that getting into a rhythm, into a groove, suits me for certain themes.
Life as lived is as good a theme as any. The photograph I’ve chosen today shows how we carry our lives around with us; in purses, in computer bags, in pockets. Shoulders are our built-in tool for carrying. We trudge along and try to move ahead.


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