ice with cracks

edge with cracks and vagueness

This afternoon was the opening for the Branch, Leaf, Blossom show. It went well; had some nice comments on my pieces. The show has a wide variety stylistically, from fairly extensively processed to more or less straight. Mine are closer to the latter and I think they hold their own against the others of that type. Overall, for a first outing, I’m pleased with the experience.
As far as moving forward, things are a bit slow. Since going to Chicago, I’ve taken some iPhone photos, some of which I’ve posted to my Flickr account, and there was one warmish and foggy day where I was able to get out for a couple of hours. This image is from that day. Finding the abstract in the ordinary is a theme that intrigues me and this photograph has a nice hazy transition from the darker tones at the bottom toward the lighter ones at the top, and focused by the stress fractures that meet toward the top pulling the eye up. The white patches in the lower corners add to the sense of ascending by breaking some of the darkness away from the bottom of the frame.
Other than that, I am making some small experiments toward a project that I am developing. In it’s most general form, it will focus on skin and the body through close-ups and abstraction. The iPhone photo linked to above is one effort in that direction. This project grows, in part, from my long familiarity with the work of Edward Weston to more recent work by photographers such as Jeanne Dunning. I’ll be looking for collaborators in this project as it develops.


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