chairs in a circle

chairs in a conversation circle at Monona Terrace Convention Center

Last Sunday afternoon there was a Flickrmeet at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison. It was mainly a strobist session, where we had five models. I’ve posted my best shots along that vein in my Flickr stream. I made a few successful photos of a couple of the models, but there were so many photographers (at least 20) that it was difficult to get much time with any of them.

I also took a few conceptual images. This one is the most successful. To me it exemplifies the forced attempt at encouraging conviviality found in corporate and institutional spaces. There is something sad about this grouping of relatively uncomfortable chairs, pushed up against the only real structure in a huge open space, a pillar with a couple of anemic plants. The post-processing color shift emphasizes this mood of alienation.

Last week, I started another class at CPM. This one’s called “Everything you forgot, or didn’t learn the first time,” and it will concentrate on refreshing the basics. The instructor is Tom McInvaille, who’s been a professional photographer for several decades. The first class was good, and I learned a few things I didn’t know, particularly about choosing a tripod and about the importance of a light meter, which will be helpful eventually. Our first assignment was to shoot some images this week using manual mode on our camera. Since that’s what I do anyway, it was a fairly straightforward assignment.

So I’m doing what I can to overcome this January slump; although thankfully it’s almost over.


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