beach grass

beach grass at Lake Michigan

This week I’ve been working on preparing two portfolios to submit to Color magazine. I’ve been thinking about this for a longish time, because I think that some of my images are as good as photos that I’ve seen in the magazine. But now the deadline is approaching, so I needed to get working.
It’s a good process to review older work from time to time. It’s maybe something I should do more regularly. I was hoping to do more over the winter, but various things prevented much extended thought in that direction. At any rate, I’m planning on submitting two groups of photos: one is of natural subjects, in varying degrees of abstractness; the other is of urban, industrial, again in varying degrees of abstractness.
The image above is from the first portfolio. It was taken in August 2009 at Kohler-Andrae State Park, near Sheboygan, Wisconsin. This was when I was still mainly shooting jpeg, so I had less to work with in processing it. But Lightroom is a wonder and I was able to bring out the sky and the lighting in the grass the way I wanted. To me, this image works because the lighting on the grass and the gray sky emphasize the sculptural quality of the tuft of beach grass.


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