from a cold day


passing glance

Yesterday was my first big day shooting with my new lens. Went to the local farmer’s market and the protest that followed. It was a cold, damp, and windy day. I was glad that I wore layers, since I was out for 4 hours. At any rate, the lens performed quite well. Due to the overcast, I needed to shoot at ISO 400, but since the light was steady and unchanging, I could mostly use 125–250 shutter speeds at f7.1. In this photo there’s a hint of motion blur, but not excessive.

So far this year, street shooting has been fairly unproductive, due to the sustained below-normal high temps and persistent clouds, which makes for few people out and about. I’m hoping that will change soon.

I’ve also been reading some in photography and aesthetics. I will be examining that some here in the future.


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