light and shadow

dark or light?

Since the reactionaries have taken over here in Wisconsin, and in Congress, it’s been hard to be positive; and, indeed, the reverse is more to the point, I’ve been disheartened and depressed. (And it hasn’t helped that the weather has been mainly below-normal highs and cloudy and wet since our trip to Mexico at the end of March.) Even though I have long suspected this assault on the civil sphere could be the ultimate result of Reagan’s policies, it is too depressing to watch it actually playing out. No need to go into the details here, there are plenty of useful sources all over the internet. Still, it makes it hard to be positive enough for art.

So, many of my photos lately have been dark like this; although this one is more overtly so than most. There’s something about light that is re-reflected that has always fascinated me, because it has a softness hard to achieve otherwise. I’ve been thinking about photographing some of the instances of this that happen around my house at various times, but this was the first time I had the opportunity to actually get the camera and work with it. Another aspect of the photo is that I found the use of concrete floors in Robert Parke-Harrison’s work a suggestive aesthetic element, and so I’ve used that here, as well.

On a more positive note, I finally started putting together a Facebook fan page. We’ll see how that goes as time passes.


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