something missing

path under trees

path under trees

Last week I went out to a conservancy area near here for a short walk. It was one of the first warm, sunny days we’ve had this spring. It was pleasant, although I misjudged my time and had to leave too soon for an appointment. At any rate, I found a few photos and it felt good to be outside.

When I take pictures like this, though, I often think that it needs a nude to give it focus. While this photo is nice, that’s about all it really is; just a more or less fair record of my being there. But with a figure, it would be very different. Depending on where she was placed, the composition could go in many directions. Too, this is a fairly straightforward processing; mainly some luminance adjustments and a hair of cross-processing. With a figure, a more aggressive processing could give it some helpful edginess. But I still haven’t figured out the working with a collaborator thing yet. So I end up with a lot of images that I feel could be better with the addition of a person. At least I’m working out the technical details of different light, DOF, etc.


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2 Responses to something missing

  1. Wisconsin Kaas Kop says:

    There with you Ron. Got my first camera 28 years ago & biggest ongoing disappointment is landscapes. The almost infallible manner in which a beautiful moment or place will be a flat nothingness after the image is processed. The best organic remedy seems to be light to add depth. Particularly toward the ‘back’ of image. Consistent cross light, to my eye, while better than none is less appealing than a sort unexpected ‘blast’ of light say where the trail is dissolving. That kind of light generally is a morning or evening thing.

    • Ron Wiecki says:

      thanks! That works. It also works to have a structure in the image, some sort of geometrical shape underlying the composition, or a strong point of interest that can focus the photo.

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