on the street

woman with cell phone

woman on the phone

People on their cell phones make an interesting subject. Usually, they’re pretty oblivious to their surroundings and so it’s not too hard to capture a sense of interiority, or at least unawareness, that can be suggestive. Then again, sometimes they look up.

Compared with last summer, it’s been very hard getting good candids this year. Partly it’s the weather—either too cold & wet or too hot—or maybe it’s all the unending construction around where I am most days. But for whatever reason, there just aren’t enough people milling about. It’s been rather frustrating; although I’ve had productive days at events where there are lots of people. That’s mainly weekends, though.

So I’ve been doing more abstracts and urban decay sorts of images. Those are tough, in a way, too, because I can only cover so much ground in my breaks from work and I’ve already photographed a lot of the obvious places. Every day it’s a little different light or something has changed from before, so opportunities arise. Finding them is not always easy.


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