fog and clouds

fog & clouds

The first week of August, my wife and I took our summer vacation, this year to the Minnesota North Shore and the Apostle Islands in Wisconsin. It was good to get away from the heat and to be near Lake Superior again. There is something about that body of water and its shores that is completely mesmerizing. It has an atmosphere and character that none of the other Great Lakes have; a sense of ancient power and an indifference to our fleeting concerns. Part of this comes from the billion-year-old rift valley that created the geography and the other part from the immensity of the lake itself and its many moods.

Although I’m generally not into scenics as a photographic genre, this was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. We drove over a hill and around a bend and here was this view of fog spreading through the forest from an off-shore breeze. Luckily there was a pullout area near the top of the hill providing an elevated panoramic view, so I stopped and took a few photos. This little bay, not too far west of Grand Marais, is famous as a source of Thomsonite. But this was an impressive view.

During the week we were gone, I took about 700 photos, so there are a lot that I have to sort through. Not too many of them were my usual candids, but I was able to concentrate for the most part on natural abstracts, along with some nice scenics and snapshots. Some of these I’ll be posting gradually in a set on Flickr for photos from our vacation.


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