wood and grass

wood & grass

Well, again, it’s been way too long since the last post. Even though I’ve taken more pictures this month than almost June and July combined, it’s felt like a struggle to keep going. I’ve tried out a lot of new things, some of which worked out and others that are probably better deleted. It all feels rather strained to me, though. Part of that is because what I want to make photographs of is something that I haven’t figured out how to manage yet; so making pictures of other things, while helpful, isn’t as satisfying as I’d like.

In this image, I like the general composition. There are the slightly mysterious shapes at the bottom that are fairly solid, contrasted in color and texture with the random and gradually less dense activity of the grass from which the sky emerges. The strong and distinct colors work, too, to give it a presence. While it might seem like a straight representation, it’s a fairly heavy interpretation. In reality, the sun was very bright and everything was glarey and washed out. So the post-processing is strong, although not making its presence known too obviously.

It was tough that day at the beach to find subjects. It just felt flat and open and bright. Most of what I shot were small details, usually lost in the grass. And I also explored this theme of grass against the sky, since I have had some luck with it before, although I don’t think I’ve yet made a completely satisfactory image of it. For the most part, it was a couple mile stroll when I made a few photos.


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