abstract body



This is getting closer.

Bodies are more varied and interesting than fashion and conventional portrait, or even street, photography allow. Skin is not unnaturally smooth or eyes excessively white; people are not always in their 20s and unblemished. Time is an essential element of photography and the time of a body is essential, as well. There are shapes and angles of bodies that are ignored by the mainstream photography aesthetic.

Making abstracts of bodies provides an endless fascination. The way the crossed knees, here, echo each other and make interesting rounded shadows along the edges of the legs. The angles of the dress complement those shapes. The small area of background color is closely related to details in the dress. And the skin, with its veins and hair follicles and the suggestion of the underlying muscles, is a fullness, a surface of tactility.

Making art is a process of selection. Of seeing. Of finding in the world that which completes the conception in the mind.


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2 Responses to abstract body

  1. Ron Wiecki says:

    thank you, Nicole. I’m glad you appreciate the imperfections, as well.

  2. I love the details. We often forget looking at the whole of the photo or art piece, in its perfection, all the little imperfect beautiful details. 🙂

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