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Next week the annual member show of the Center for Photography at Madison begins at University Hospital here in Madison. For my submission, I decided on this photo, which I took in Grand Marais, Minnesota, during our vacation last August. Yesterday I received the print from WHCC and it’s quite powerful at the larger size (12×18 in).

Grand Marais is a lovely little town. It seems to have a thriving artistic community and is graced by a basalt peninsula dubbed “Artist’s Point,” because it has long been and remains popular with artists. During the time we were there, I saw a handful of painters and several photographers. It has not only bare rock, but a fine, if small, example of relatively untouched Northern forest; so there are many things to photograph.

Of course, most people look for the scenic views, of which there are many, but my interests are more focused and abstract. The things I chose to photograph there were mostly along the lines of the photo above. I try to find a point of view that while completely based on the thing before me, presents it in a way that make you think a bit about what it is. This photo was made close to sunset, which had lovely light that evening.


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  1. Ariel Breau says:

    I really like your writing style, great info , appreciate it for putting up : D.

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