changing weather

woman in fleece


Today was 30 degrees F warmer than yesterday and people were starting to get their spring enthusiasm going. Walking around with a coffee, loosening their winter coats, sitting in sunny areas that have been covered with snow for months.

For the most part today, I was trying out and testing some technical things with my camera. It seems useful to me to learn doing manual focusing, at least for part of the time. I mostly don’t have too much luck with it, between the tiny viewfinder and my eyes. I always seem to either over or under focus and it’s frustrating when an otherwise useful photo is made unusable by the focus being in the wrong place.

So I worked on practicing getting a narrow plane of focus with unfocused areas in the front and back of the focus plane. I also spent some time working with the diopter adjustment in the viewfinder, which seemed to be off. After that, I seemed to have better luck, although doing the same shot with manual focus and an autofocus point, the autofocus was always better. So maybe I need to look into getting an adapter or something.

Tomorrow starts the continuation of the class that I took in the fall. I’m looking forward to it quite a bit. It will be a different group of people, since the instructor wanted to mix up the two groups a little. So that will be something new to get used to. I’ve made some progress since the class ended in December in clarifying some parts of my aesthetic position and exploring some photographic themes that interest me. Having the interaction and the deadline of a project are useful, too.


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