heel with scar


Lately, I’ve been coming to appreciate the power of conceiving and setting up little scenes to photograph. It is very different from the activity of walking around and looking for things. It isn’t like when you do that you don’t have concepts and themes in mind and other ideas in your subconscious waiting to find expression. But going through the process of conceptualizing what you want and then trying to get it provides some time for consideration and experiment that usually isn’t possible in the street.

While still more or less in the proof-of-concept stage, my series of body details provides the context for today’s photo. I have only taken a few photos so far exploring this idea. The main concepts here are: close-up of body, to the point of abstraction; filtered light; some other elements to add some conceptual complexity. It isn’t important that the skin be unblemished and, in fact, I’m coming to think that scars, tattoos, piercings, and other cultural and life traces will play an important role. The body is our surface of contact with the world and that interaction has many expressive and emotional overtones.

It’s also the case that American culture is way too hung-up about embodiedness. I expect that some photos in this series will push the boundaries of comfort at different levels. Here, that might be the pain endured as a result of what caused the scar.


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