body abstract


Trying some new things and exploring a theme. This, in spite of the fact that the past month or so has been a difficult period. Not a lot of energy to devote to photography, many distractions, and a new relationship with it have all conspired to bring my productivity down.

One of the distractions was my niece’s wedding. I was one of the main photographers for that, although I’ve never done a wedding before. So it was a little stressful. The results were pretty good, although I still haven’t completely finished working through them all yet. My experience with street shooting came in handy during the day. It’s tough being a participant and a documenter, though.

The other big one was the depressing recall attempt in Wisconsin. No point in going into it here, it just sucks all around.

This photo is from a little session that works on some ideas for my skin-as-surface series. The contrasting textures of the skin and the wood make for a bit of disjunction. There is a detail of texture in each, though, and the shadows across the top add some ambiguity. It may be just a tad more static than I’d like with the vertical darkness almost at the exact center, but I didn’t think a crop worked well either with the triangular structure that it bisects.


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