rock & waves


Lately, I have been exploring blur effects. It has been very fascinating work. There are many aspects to this and each sort of subject has a different response to working with time. Of course, things that have constant motion, such as water, are relatively easy subjects, even though during the day it is hard to get an exposure that is long enough for interesting effects without an ND filter.

This photo, to me, represents both the long-time of the geological and the short-time of ceaselessly moving water. The blurring of the rocks implies that even geological time is transient, impermanent, always subject to entropy. So much of the time, we think that our consciousness, or even humanity, itself, is the measure of the world. But to the cosmos, we are less than flickers of light on the peaks of little waves. This is more than bittersweet, because in the tiny amount of time that humans have been expanding across the earth, we have managed to disrupt it so much that the end of our time here is nearly in sight. This situation is so discouraging that art seems to be the only response. Perhaps it is best to celebrate what makes us who we are in the time we have left, even though art itself will disappear with the last person.

On a more positive note, this week I submitted some photos to the Seven State exhibit, sponsored by the Center for Photography at Madison as part of their biennial, Photo Midwest 2012. The juror is the eminent photographer, Sam Abell. This was a tough choice and I spent a lot of time working through editing a selection that would represent some of my best work. I shoot in so many different styles, though, that even deciding which area to emphasize took several weeks of contemplation. At any rate, at the end, I am happy with my choices. And, I guess that’s what really counts, whether any are accepted or not.


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