beach grass


Photography has been a bit fallow lately.

Which is too bad, since a photo of mine was accepted into the Seven States Exhibit of PhotoMidwest 2012, juried by Sam Abell, a biennial of the Center for Photography at Madison. It’s quite an honor and is the high point, so far, of my photography activities. I feel that this selection validates all the work that I’ve put in over the past several years, working on everything from the technical to the aesthetic. And the work that was chosen represents, for me, a real achievement, a glimpse into an aesthetic territory where I could explore for a long time.

So the fact of being fallow is irksome, because I know where I need and want to go, but not how to get there. It feels unnecessary, at this point, to take a lot of photos that may be good, at some level, but that really have little interest to me. There are many themes of mine that I could add to by going out and doing what I’ve done up to this point. But without the added interest of including the corporeal much of it would remain mere studies, lacking that which would provide meaning and cohesion.

It feels, then, like I’m at the edge, on the cusp: ready to move into new territory. What is needed is the proper stimulus, or perhaps the fulness of time, being fully ready.

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