PhotoMidwest opening

flower petals


Here is the work of mine that was premiered at the PhotoMidwest show last night. It was awarded second place by juror Sam Abell. All in all, it was a very good evening. During the opening, Mr. Abell went around and talked about every work and why he chose it. This was a virtual masterclass in criticism, as well as being highly entertaining.

For my work, he was very impressed that I was able to take such an over-used subject, such as flowers, and to find a fresh and imaginative approach. This also included the presentation as a triptych. The only thing he criticized was the presentation, as he thought the black edge of the mounting was a bit overpowering and that it might have been good to float the print above the backing to give it a bit more dimensionality to echo the shadows in the print. This small “flaw” was why I didn’t get the first place award. At any rate, I think the print and it’s presentation is quite lovely and a lot of thought was put into it.

It is very satisfying to have achieved this recognition. Many good comments and compliments.

with my photo

with my photo

The obligatory shot of the artist with his work.


poster for show

My work was used in some of the promotional material for the show, including the poster outside.

On another note: as part of the PhotoMidwest biennial, I did the design and typesetting for a small book of photographs of the Wisconsin protests of the past year. The proof was ready yesterday and that turned out quite nice, as well.

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