belly and twigs


This is an outtake from a series I did a couple of weeks ago after my appendectomy. It seemed important to document it artistically, at least a bit. So I worked on developing some ideas that I’ve explored a bit before, using light and mirrors and an unusual point-of-view.

What I’m looking for is to express the mystery that the world is. Each of us is a body, a place where we exist. Mostly we take it for granted; but then something inside messes up and we are aware of it in a new way. Things that are normally just there in the background assume prominence. We feel new things; we suspect they are a greeting from mortality. In that, we are probably correct. There is a fragility to being that we usually overlook and when it begins to look at us directly new thoughts emerge.

Aesthetically, it sometimes surprises me how light emerges in my work. Especially in works like this, chiaroscuro takes on an importance that is very unusual in art today. While I am consciously, and unconsciously, pushing some boundaries, with the body and with expression, the fact that I am reminded of Rembrandt and other art of that era in what I do adds a certain depth that I think is fascinating.

When I showed my pick from this shoot (not this exact image) to my group, they were basically speechless. They were moved, but could not find words to express their thoughts. To me, that’s a good response. The true response to art is only in and through art. Words can hint at what is expressed in the image, but the meaning can only be sensed, where the eye and the mind touch the distinctness that is the image.


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