back at it

hand behind roots


A couple of weeks ago, it was finally time to take my camera in to the shop for some repairs and cleaning. It had been exhibiting various electrical sorts of errors at random times. So, since, I felt in a somewhat fallow patch, it seemed a good time to see what was the matter. It turned out that it needed a new main circuit board, which wasn’t too expensive — certainly less than a new camera — so I took care of it.

When I picked it up, I went out and made a few photographs, of which this is one. It really is a wonder to me, sometimes, how when you find the right place in the right frame of mind, images come. I made three or four in this series that afternoon. They all have good qualities. One, in particular, was spectacular: one of my best, so far, perhaps.

All of the photos will become part of my ongoing series, “Corporeal.” This series explores how the skin bears the traces of our existence. It’s not skin alone, but as part of the world; seen aesthetically, aiming for mystery, through obstructions and the unknown.


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