light filtering through torn plastics sheets

plastic light

Things are a little slow now. I’m home for a few days while my wife recovers from surgery and between the slight anxiety it causes, helping her do things, and just the general disruption of habits, it’s been tough to concentrate on anything serious.

Last weekend though, before the surgery, I went to print enlargements of some photos at my local photo group, which has set up a printer for folks to use for a pretty reasonable fee. It works pretty slick and the results were quite nice. I made three prints, all where the longest dimension was 20 inches +/-. In each case, the color was spot on from my monitor and the prints at that size had a depth that isn’t so apparent at the max 8×11 size I can get out of my home printer. So it was worthwhile and I will likely do it again.

Today’s photo is from a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago, when I took a drive in the country and ran across an abandoned barn. I spent an hour or a little more poking around and making photos. As usual, I wished I had a collaborator to make photos of/with; so, making do, I made a wide range of abstracts, most of which used decay as a sort of theme. There were a high percentage of relatively successful ones, which was gratifying. It seems that lately I am more selective in making the photo to begin with, so that helps. At any rate, it was good to get out.

I decided not too long ago to drop my PhotoShelter site and switch to SmugMug . The new site is a bit less flexible, but for the almost no hits I was getting at PhotoShelter it was way too much money each month. I’m still building the new site, so there aren’t too many photos there yet. It’s partly been a casualty of the other stuff going on. So I hope to get to that a little more soon.

Finally, I had a weird thing happen a couple of weeks ago in that I couldn’t log in to my Creative Cloud account. So after calling Adobe tech support and being bumped up two levels over a couple of days, the problem was finally resolved. It turned out that over the years I’d registered software, etc, and created so many accounts with the same email that their system was being confused. But they were able to solve it and now I can log in normally.


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