it’s been another month, or more …

a man's legs and shoes in reflected light


How does time move along so quickly? Granted, it’s summer and my camera was in the shop for a while. But there’s also been some ennui that I’ve been struggling with. During June and July, I took photos on exactly 5 days; and two of those were family events where I was more or less obligated.

This photo was from one of those days, when I chanced upon some very beautiful light reflected off of office buildings onto the street. It’s my favorite sort of light (or maybe tied with light filtered through leaves), so it was a treat. Unfortunately, there are very few glass buildings here and even fewer that reflect light into a space where people are with any regularity. This time, there were lots of folks milling about, so I was able to park in a good spot and shoot at will. It felt good: I miss street candid work. Here’s another from that day; and another.

Although I haven’t been shooting as much, it seems when I do it’s clear that there’s been development from inside. My eye is seeing differently, more concisely. So much of what I see is not the actually thing in front of the lens, but the shapes and patterns. A flat plane with colors and lines. And yet, the light can make it sing.

Playfulness and letting the eye see; that’s the key.


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