man crouching in decaying grass


Autumn comes every year. Changing, bringing things to a pause.

Taking time to assess my practice of late. It’s time for some working on developing my thoughts into what can sustain. I have been reading a lot of Jean-Luc Nancy of late and I am coming to understand that his ideas are quite close to what I have intuited for a long time: the difference is that he has developed a way to put them into words. They are not easy words, but to me they reflect what I perceive of the world. There are many things to possibly mention, but for now just these, briefly.

He says that the body makes a space for existence. It creates a place where we are and a surface at which we sense the world and the world senses us.


Images are distinct from the world. They are an act that becomes a thing in the world that contains its own being, its own meaning.

So … what we put into an image, the sense that it arises from, creates a constellation of sense and meaning. It exists in the world and yet apart from it. It exists as a surface on a ground and yet as a thing distinct, independent, separated.


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