summer greens

rock and male body


As summer moves along and begins to wind down, I’ve been reviewing some things and generally reflecting on my practice. There have been many ups and downs lately, something that is not always easy to go through.

We had a lovely vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park at the beginning of the month. As I expected, most of what I made there was of the simply scenic and vacationey type. Not that there weren’t possibilities. But we mainly were on busy trails, so getting too artsy was difficult. Plus, it was all pretty new to us, not having been in big mountains before for any length of time. So it was overall good and fun, if not particularly productive artistically.

In July, though, I did two series of male nudes. At first, I wasn’t too worked up about either of them. But after vacation and coming back to them, I found that there were possibilities. So, I’ve put some time into working up a few of them with some success. Overall, the mood is very dark and almost despairing. It comes with the territory, though. Even some of my scenic photos from vacation had bit of an edge occasionally.

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