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DB—high key

For the past several weeks, I’ve been heavily into working on technique. Mainly, it’s been post-processing. But I also decided to take a little class on using flash, which was something that I was still a bit fuzzy about. Taking the class, though, was very helpful. Through the practical parts, I came to understand more about sync and exposure compensation, as well as getting some hands-on with off-camera lighting and light modification and shooting wirelessly.

The example here is one of my photos from the off-camera session. There are three lights in this: left (soft box), right (bounced umbrella), and behind (aimed at backdrop). Being a class, things were a little rushed, so that everyone could shoot, etc., but even with that the result is good.

One result of the class, was that I realized the usefulness of having more than one flash unit, so I’ve already rectified that.

I know this is pretty much a standard sort of shot and not my usual artistic sort of approach. It’s been fun, though, to have several shots like this to work on, as well as a new subject.

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