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ice whorls

Since I discovered Google+ a couple of months ago, I almost totally forgot about this blog. I know I haven’t been the most active at it and to some extent it’s been an experiment.

Now, though, I have come to some decisions about how I present myself and my work online. One result is that I will try to begin being more regular with this, not least because I have linked it to my new Photoshelter site, which, although it is now live, is still under construction, as I learn how to get my feet on the ground with it. The website represents a big step for me, in that I now am confident that my work can stand on its own and that at least some people find it worth their time. I will continue to participate in Google+ and Flickr, but I will concentrate my efforts on the website and this blog.

Doing so allows me to have more control over what I publish and what happens to it online. I have not been entirely happy with the censorship and licensing issues with Flickr and Google+. It also provides a central place where I can sell my work and accept offers of interest for new work.

So here’s to change, since all we can do is try to deflect bits of it in our direction.

Please feel free to comment or contact me with ideas and suggestions.


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